Complete redesign and expansion of the outlet by 10,000m² to a total of 30,000m² shop space. Together with neighboring McArthurGlen, this outlet agglomeration is the largest worldwide.

Linking of existing buildings and complete optical redesign under the theme of Art Noveau.

Relaunch and operation of Parndorf Fashion Outlet for the owners in the position of the managing director from 2014 to 2020. Redesign of the entire project, including image upgrade.


1. Factory Outlet in Croatia, Sveti Kriz/Zagreb, Croatia

Roses Designer Outlet is directly located at the Sv. Kriz (Exit 4) exit on the A2/E59 highway, along the main traffic route between south-eastern and central Europe, from Zagreb on the way to Maribor. It was opened on 22 November 2008. Roses Outlet is the biggest factory outlet in Croatia and the only one with an international format.

The project was built in a village style. Its central themes include water and various architectural styles that reflect the rich history of the region between the Adriatic and the Alps. Elements such as pillars, arches, traditional tile roofs, bridges, a river and small lakes create a special ambience.

In phase 1 of the shopping street, there are 77 brands stores as well as numerous cafes and restaurants, and they each have differently styled houses; it covers an area of 16,000 m². Project mainly sold in 2015, support until 2018.


Bratislava, Slovakia

Northeast of Bratislava, one of Slovakia’s largest shopping areas was developed for the Soravia Group.

The first expansion phase comprises the TESCO anchor with 40,000 m² of retail space.

The mall was built in the Mediterranean style.

Tenants include more than 100 national and international brands such as Esprit, Humanic, New Yorker, Kenvelo, Deichmann, Schiesser, Douglas, Pupa and Intersport.

In 2003, the project was sold to an international fund, and at that moment it was the most solid, known and popular shopping centre in Slovakia.


Bratislava, Slovakia

In the centre of Bratislava in cooperation with the Soravia Group, the former printing shop Pravda was converted into a modern office complex with more than 14,000 m² of rental space.

A shopping street (Billa, dm) on the ground floor complements the project. The project was sold to a fund in 2005.


Bratislava, Slovakia

SPS (Shopping Park Soravia), covering over 11,000 m², opened in 1997 as the “first” Slovakian shopping centre of its kind. This project was developed for the Soravia Group.

In 2003, the centre was re-launched as a furniture wholesale market (Europamöbel Lutz Gruppe) and in 2007 rebuilt into a modern “Möbelix”.


Piestany, Slovakia

One of the most famous buildings in Piestany, the thermal region of Slovakia, is the red tower or “cervena vesa”, which will be brought back to life and Beauty-Hotel will be rebuilt. 25 rooms in a luxury segment will be built.

The extension of the “Red Tower” serves as a wing of the hotel, while the historic main building will be reconstructed as inspired by the ancient historical red tower of the Winter family.

The project was succesfully sold to a local investor in 2014.

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